A super fun ride built with a hybrid camber to create that perfect mix of playfulness & response. Designed to provide all-around shredability, for every ability.

The EASY RIDERs are hands down the best board for anybody who wants to slash that slush, slay that steel, bonk those branches, tame those trees and cruise that corduroy while having fun doing it!


A silent assassin for the understated board acrobat.

The LOPRO practically flat camber makes it easy to go from edge to edge without compromising performance. This camber absolutely rips on all terrain - in the park, streets, and all over the mountain.


xTREME! CAMBER boards are built to take your riding to the next level. 

They boast a highly responsive positive camber profile that super charges your riding with power, strength, and stability to slay all terrain. 

Paired with a super fast sintered base, urethane sidewalls for dampening and durability, plus carbon stringers for the extra pop, the xTREME CAMBER boards are designed to perform.


Specifically created for the mini rippers, the SLEEP MINIs are just as awesome and just as beefed up as our larger boards. The only modification is the size.

These decks are ready to shred the park, cruise the local hill, zoom around the slopes or take on the mountains.

  • 135 cm

  • 141 cm

  • 144 cm

  • 147 cm

  • 150 cm

  • 153 cm

  • 155 cm

  • 158 cm

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135 cm

141 cm

144 cm

147 cm

150 cm

153 cm

155 cm

158 cm


EasyRider™ Hybrid Camber

LoPro Practically Flat Camber

xTREME! Camber™

Mega Pow Camber


under $400

$400 - $450

$450 - $500

$500 - $550

$550 - $600



these boards are for shredders on the smaller side or those who want to rip a mini shred stick!

good for youth, folks under 5'6" or anyone who wants to ride a smaller snowboard!

check out our minis HERE