Sleep Snowboards !:.  How do we explain this to everyone? At first the name came out of nowhere. I (Ryan Paul) started writing the word "SLEEP" everywhere. And slowly the word started popping up everywhere in my peripheral. It started to make sense as the brand name of a snowboard company. I liked the alliteration of Sleep Snowboards and I liked that at first glance it maybe made no sense. That is the way I am with things. I like initial confusion. The parameters around Sleep came later.  

Snowboarding is like sleep. It's one of those activities where you can completely shut your mind off. The hill, or mountain (or whatever obscure place one chooses to take their snowboard) is like a blank slate for dream world. Often times during and after snowboarding it almost seems like the experience of a dream. Time becomes less measurable and emotions become more elated... Senses heighten themselves to a vivid, lucid state. Boarding, much like sleeping, also serves as a time period in which to recharge. 

The logo is a representation for dreams. Dreams occur during the unconscious interim of sleep. They are usually exciting and confusing. Dreams contain a lot of information and often times drift off into dreams within dreams. The punctuations "!", ":", ".", containing "..." can all be observed in the SLEEP Snowboards logo. This logo represents the dream.

We make snowboards that reflect each and every rider's individual dream. A board that can take you into that dream world. With over 20 years of experience on snowboards and with the help of manufacturers with even more time under their belts, Sleep Snowboards is a reality! 

Sleep Snowboards, the board of your dreams!:.